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Wealth Planning

Comprehensive wealth management incorporates numerous financial topics, aligning them into a wholistic process toward the fulfillment of your vision.  Simply allocating funds into a portfolio and reviewing assets isn’t enough. With the BOS Investment Services team as your partner, together we will separately address topics such as retirement planning, savings for education, tax planning, as well as investments.  Together we will create a thorough plan for your financial future and the corresponding investment strategy to support the plan—helping you pursue your goals.

Retirement Planning

  • Pre-retirement Analysis
  • Post-retirement Analysis
  • Pension Maximization Strategies
  • Annuitization Strategies

Tax Planning

  • Tax Efficient Investment Management
  • Tax Reducing Strategies
  • Gain/Loss Harvesting Strategies

Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning Analysis
  • Trust Fund Management
  • Estate-Tax Funding Strategies
  • Unique Gifting Strategies
  • Family Wealth Planning

Education Planning

  • Cost Analysis
  • Funding Strategies (529 plans, Education IRA’s, UGMA accounts)

Risk Management

  • Life Insurance – Term, Universal and Variable Life
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance

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